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WOTW Kibi (a WOTW alum!) send in pictures of a past bench! And a past beefy power amplifier! Jeremy Blum (@sciguy14) submitted pictures of his work workbench on his personal site! Great toaster SMT reflow! Not submitted, but Steve Liebson did a video interview with Jim Williams and we get to see Jim's lab. Events [...]

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This week on The Amp Hour, Dave and Mightyohm Jeff Keyzer join forces to talk about: Jeri was naughty and got thrown out of the Designcon conference! Workbench of the Week from SnakeBite & Jeff's buddy Tony The new one-stop EE shop, Jeff rants about Eagle and the lack of IPC footrints Forest Mims [...]
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The 555 contest continues onward! Everyone is getting excited! Dave's classic 1976 vintage Signetics 555 timer chip (which he destroyed! RIP). Can anyone beat it? WOTW William L-shaped bench photos Laurence White Photo tour of the workshop Mr. J from Boston Home workbench Radio gear Rants Dave doesn't like how all those cupcakes he's sending [...]
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Shoutouts Thanks to Mitch (@mitpatterson) for linking to us from his site! Alexander linked here too and asked about what to do when family and friends might not be interested in hearing about your latest project. Octopart now indexes Digikey as well! Electronics porn! Hi res photos of an old Microchip part. Light can get [...]

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WOTW None! C'mon people! But we did hear that some people have been building benches, such as John S. Can't wait to see them! Chris is planning a new bench as well! And has been doodling in Google Sketchup to get an idea of what he wants: View from the front From afar with the [...]

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. WotW JP Wack from Santiago,  Chile Bench with awesome labels! Other work Troy Rank from Rochester, NY Bench page Stynus from Belgium Project page (tons'o'projects!) Workbenches And workbenches with Stynus in the picture Followup The 6502 was laid out by hand by one person! A new study out found that ASUS was the most [...]
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. Shoutouts Sparkfun has a new "grab bag" program for all their pick and place cast off parts. Could be some good pickins! Rants Why does the IEEE still charge membership fees to unemployed engineers? And why does the cutoff for waiving the fee occur at 13k(and below)? Is that a realistic point at which [...]
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. WotW Adam C of submitted the first workbench of the week submission by video! Bob of took a picture of his bench with his pup, including a signed HP 300A! Lieven Blancke of Belgium submitted two pictures of his 7 year old maker son at their bench. Also included a picture of [...]
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We wanted to try out a title similar to the style of The Big Bang Theory...we love it! Shoutout Another Ham-like video podcast called Amateur Logic. We like it! Thanks to the queen of science videos (Jeri) for the link! Dave got scooped! Afrotechmods did an AWESOME video about ultracaps. He arc welded a coin! [...]
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. Seasonal What is on your electronics list for the holidays? Dave and Chris both need new chairs for their labs WOTW Henrik from Oslo, Norway Bench setup and explanation. Sylvain from Belgium Bench setup for RF projects. David from Portland Portable bench setup. Taking your electronics on the road is impressive! Mike from the [...]

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Our first WOTWs! Mike, who works at Ascot TV in Christchurch New Zealand! More info about Mike's is here. Dave likes the Bob Parker ESR meter. David work at Delta-Q Technologies in Vancouver, Canada. More info about David is here (as are many more pictures!). David plans on doing something similar to the Electric Delorean [...]
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Shoutouts Rich Hoeg of The Northstar Nerd, linked to us from his podcast page! Be sure to check out the others on there! To Google Sketchup! For offering electro-nerds the opportunity to do 3D modeling (easily!). They have a new contest in conjunction with Ponoko (thanks to @dustynrobots for the link). Check it out if [...]

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Shoutouts Dave's $50 shootout is cited in Adafruit now carrying the Extech meter. Cool! There's also mention of it on extech site. NPR did a piece covering hackerspaces. Likely many have heard about it , but it's good coverage of the burgeoning trend. All About Circuits is a great resource if you've never seen it. [...]
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Links! Shoutouts Solder Smoke is back! Bill is out in the HAM shack, broadcasting podcasts for all. Go catch the latest one! A podcast about DIY Drones, check it out and hear the most about the developing industry of unmanned personal drones! Rants Chris loves the Webench tool from National Semiconductor...he just wishes there was [...]
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After an admittedly non-technical episode last week, we had an abundance of tech topics this week. So why keep writing when we can get to the links and you can get to listening! Shoutouts Troy Rank has a new show about e-bikes. Looking forward to hearing about the electronics in them! The 555 timer is [...]
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Not as many links this week but the usual hour's worth of talking. We even managed to work in a comment or two about open hareware development (even though we promised not to previously). On to the links! Shoutouts There's a documentary about hacker/maker spaces that needs your help! Help fund it at Kickstarter! Dave's [...]
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Dave made it home safe and sound! We're glad to have him back and appreciate Jeff from MightyOhm stepping up to the plate in his absence. This week we jumped right past the videos Dave plans on posting and into talking about current events, so why don't we do the same with the links? Shoutouts! [...]
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Holy YouTube clips, Batman! We have tons of clips this week. Me and our special guest were talking about lots of stuff and it turns out many of them were video based. We can't wait to see many of Dave's videos, he's still traveling around and is still working on editing and uploading many of [...]
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Dave is back! And blogging from a hotel room, just like Chris did in episode 9 of the Amp Hour. He has lots of great videos he made at Renesas Dev Con and some good stories and experiences. On to the links! Shout outs! Thanks to Nathan from the Sober Newt for linking here! Thanks [...]

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NOTE: I apologize about the sound quality on this recording. Thanks to the Zoom H1 autogain (very bad thing) and recording in a cubby like desk at my house (nearly as bad as the autogain) I sound like a mouth breathing, key pounding cubby troll. I'm very sorry and I tried to fix it best [...]

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Most of this week's discussion revolved around open hardware. The summit definitely provided some interesting conversation points, explained below. If we missed any links, please leave them in the comments! Open hardware The open hardware summit was awesome! (writing for EEtimes at ESC Boston was cool too!) Videos aren't all online yet but Limor Fried's [...]
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No, not in boxers, but definitely from Boston! On a $10 internet connection no less! Highway robbery! Next week we'll do a round up of my trip to ESC Boston and the Open Hardware Summit, but for this week we stayed within the usual tech bounds. The links mentioned are below and as always, comments [...]
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Thanks to all of those who filled out the optional survey. If you haven't yet, there's still time! Feel free to add your info! We also took some of your advice (and some of our own) and veered back towards tech talk! Yay! And based on some other feedback we received, we also tried giving [...]
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Due to time constraints this week, we're going to try going back to a mostly link-based page. If you find yourself really longing for silly and extraneous commentary encapsulating the links, be sure to let us know in the comments! Curious about the title of the episode? Now you have to listen to the show! [...]
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Another episode in the bag! We admittedly didn't talk about straight electronics as we have in the past but we covered recent happenings in both the open source and (micro) and commercial (macro) electronics industries. Check out some of the links discussed in todays show below! Shoutouts and Upcoming Events: See a nerd with a [...]
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Today's show got a little heated, it's true. We went over a lot of things, but none more than a recent campaign to try and get more young women interested in a not-so-great way.  We welcome all debate about the issue in the comments or a link to a discussion elsewhere. We also covered [...]
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Now that Dave and I have been trying to get some thoughts together a bit prior to the show (though the show itself is still quite "off the cuff"), we have some topics we can list out for you. You can use it either while listening, after you've completed listening, or hell, you can forego [...]
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Greetings from the official new home of The Amp Hour! The new theme is installed (and being revised as we speak/read) and the latest episode of the radio show is directly below. We spanned topics from HP to IEEE to human interface the usual meandering format. Questions for you, our listener would be, do [...]
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Show 2 was recorded the week of August 2nd, 2010. This show was a bit more focused than the first show, but we still tended to ramble a bit. Ah well, nobody's perfect. Links discussed in the show: * MAKE magazine’s review of Maker Faire Detroit (learning to solder) * NYT article about mineral deposits in Afghanistan [...]
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This is the show recorded the week of July 26th. It was our first show ever. We first posted this on Dave's site and Chris's site and past comments from their respective communities can be found on those pages. Comments about the show can also be found at the EEVblog forums.
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