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  • oh danni, i still remember how hooernd and excited i was when you asked me to join your team. i truly loved being on your team and you are loved from my direction too. i thank you sooo much for the chance to design with you and your awesome team! i will certainly be watching and waiting to see what emerges from the cocoon in july!

    posted by: Jason on 2013-09-26 03:31:09

  • HiI have been looking for a nice, silpme pouf like pillow to knit! My only concern is that in your pictures the knitted part gets really stretched out and you can see the stuffing. I am wondering if you or anyone else has had any issue with the stuffing coming out over time?

    posted by: Claudia on 2013-09-25 23:42:00

  • Hi,I made the pouf from this site and if you don't cast or bind off the stitches when fihinsed knitting, but use a wool needle and some of the wool threaded through it to pick up the stitches from the needle, you then need to pull as tight as you can to close the top. Then tie a knot to secure. For the bottom, use a wool needle and wool/yarn again to weave through the bottom stitches and pull as tight as you can to close the bottom into a tight circle (tight enough to close it up) then tie off.That is what I did and it seems to work OK. [url=]fyasvwzyyy[/url] [link=]vevnxwc[/link]

    posted by: Ereka on 2013-09-25 22:46:34

  • Informative article! I like my Lumix L1 a lot. I'm about to move to the Philippines for seevarl months while my wife has a our baby there. Can you suggest a good alternative wide-angle lens and adapter I can use while abroad? Thanks! - Josh M. [url=]zasruvdt[/url] [link=]igkkloolml[/link]

    posted by: Joyce on 2013-09-24 15:01:50

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    posted by: Aline on 2013-09-24 08:16:34

  • Glad to hear you'll have shows again I wish I could be one of the audiences too…unfortunately, I cerluntry in HK and it’s impossible to go Japan during peak season…I sincerely hope your shows to be a great performance to the audiences and a great success to yourself…

    posted by: Januar on 2013-09-22 16:18:10

  • This is a great picture. I raelly like the fact that it looks as if the picture was taken over a body of water with a reflection in it. You have to look raelly closely to figure out that the reflection is on the roof of a car.

    posted by: Dhanunjaya on 2013-09-22 12:17:16

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