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  Another week of bouncing from topic to topic. This week included robots, entrepreneurs, OSHW, FPAAs, Ecology and LEDs! Whoo, that's a lotta stuff!   Elon Musk is an enviable entrepreneur and engineer. Great video piece on him on Google buys the Motorola handset business for $12.5 billion. Chris thought it was for access [...]
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  • I am truly uncertain about Row 4. Are there 2 SC next to each other? The paerttn is reading NTDC & 2DC, Ch2, SC in space, Ch2, DC2-Ch1-DC2, Ch2, SC in space. When the star-to-star loops around, there is a Ch 2, SC, Ch 2, SC, Ch2 that prevents the paerttn from looking looking even across Row four. What am I doing wrong? Adorable shrug! I would love to make one!

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