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 Chris has a new mic! An AT2020 USB microphone. Dave uses a Samson C01U USB microphone. The Jacksonville police mistake LED lightbulbs for a bomb! Whoops! Shonky Product of the Week: The ADE651, a scam bomb detector. Similar to a dowsing that it's full of crap! Shoutouts: Fake EE Quips has created a bingo [...]
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  Welcome to another awesome guest: Alan Yates, VK2ZAY!   Alan works on pyrotechnics for fun(?!) While he's not worried about burning out over doing similar hobby/paid work, Chris has written about burn out recently and how that might be a part of it. He also is an active ham operator, mostly working with PSK31 [...]
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  Another week of bouncing from topic to topic. This week included robots, entrepreneurs, OSHW, FPAAs, Ecology and LEDs! Whoo, that's a lotta stuff!   Elon Musk is an enviable entrepreneur and engineer. Great video piece on him on Google buys the Motorola handset business for $12.5 billion. Chris thought it was for access [...]
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  Just when you thought the names of episodes couldn't get any weirder...   US economy seems to be diving again, hopefully it will not seriously impact the electronics industry. If it does, Chris thinks startups will be even more reliant on Angel Investors like Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail) Is DIY finally going mainstream, [...]
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Embedded industry maven and prolific writer, Jack Ganssle, joins us on The Amp Hour this week.   Dave called Chris a "young whippersnapper" (actually "young feller", but the same sentiment) in writing about Jeri's chip making. A former colleague of Jack's maintained that  spec's for computers were driven by the porn industry and how much [...]
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