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This weeks special guest is John Edmond, the co-founder and Director of Advanced Optoelectronics Technology at Cree, Inc in Durham, NC.     John talks about the history of Cree and how they built the company with no venture capital. Awesome! Lots of technical LED talk on manufacturing, Stokes loss, Haitz's law and  chemistries involved in [...]
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  Chris explains what he thinks Thanksgiving was about (or what he thought it was about, he's no historian). The Daily Show had a segment about "Evacuation Day" and the history behind it. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c Happy Evacuation Day Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor [...]

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Chris has been issued a challenge to get his (ham) technician's license by the new year. Can he do it? Do 10 others want to do it with him? If so, we can get Dave to sing on air! (or can we?) Dave has a beef with the Agilent U1272A's data export capabilities. Perhaps Dave [...]
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  Great comics from OhmArt! Be sure to check them out and buy some of their merchandise! Tales from the cube talks about a label over an EPROM...has anyone seen this article? Bill Schweber wrote about the persistence and insanity of engineers chasing problems. Katie Luper is a former lawyer going back to school for [...]
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  Happy Halloween! Has anyone heard of people giving away circuits as a Halloween? Did you know: CR2032 batteries reference the size of the battery? Chris didn't! The BeagleBoard folks just released the BeagleBone! It looks great! Also, kudos to the folks at TI, especially those on the team. Dave has a deposit in on [...]
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